How Does Protein Skimmer Work

When you have an aquarium, you will know that there is some equipment that is extremely important. Especially, if you have fish that is delicate and that needs extra attention. One of this equipment that you should have is the protein skimmers. There are many different skimmers that you can buy, but before you can buy the one for your fish tank, you need to know as much about the best protein skimmer for nano tank as possible.

Why your tank need protein skimmers

The first thing that you need to know is that every fish tank, even Nano tanks needs to have a protein skimmer. It doesn’t matter what type of filter you have. A protein filter is essential.

The tank is building up protein that is lying at the bottom of the tank, in the water. The protein can be dangerous for most fish, and the more protein builds up there might be, the more dangerous it can get for the fish. If your fish is dying and you don’t know the cause, it might be because of protein build up. The skimmer is ensuring that all the protein gets removed from the water.

How does protein skimmer work?

There is some basic knowledge that was put into making a skimmer. Even, if this might sound really hard to understand, the basic concept of the skimmer is very simple.

How does protein skimmers work

The water is being pumped into the skimmer. Inside the skimmer, there are different processes that the water is going through that are cleaning the water from any waste that might be dangerous to the fish, like protein.

During the process, the waste is being separated from the water, and the water is being pumped back into the fish tank. The waste that is left behind, is the filthiness of the skimmer that you need to clean regularly. If you don’t clean it correctly, the waste will get too much in the skimmer, and it will get pumped back into the fish tank.

Things to consider to get the most out of the protein skimmer

If you want to make sure that you are going to get the most out of your protein skimmer, you need to make sure that you are buying the right one. Especially, if you are buying one of your Nano tank. The larger the tank, the larger the skimmer should be.

There are different skimmers for different size tanks. And, you need to make sure that you know which skimmer to buy for your size tank. This is the only way to ensure that the skimmer is going to work perfectly in your tank.

Many people know that protein skimmers is essential for all tanks, but they don’t really know how it works. It can be complicated to explain how it works, but the main thing is that the water is pumped into the skimmer, the protein is getting separated and clean water is pumped back into the tank. The secret is that you should know the right type skimmer for your size tank to have a tank that is perfectly protein-free.

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